Q: What is EDTracker Pro?

EDTracker Pro is head-mounted PC gaming peripheral that gives you a virtual 360 view in supported games. EDTracker Pro can be mounted on headsets, headbands or caps and simply plugs into your PC via USB.

Q: Why would I want EDTracker Pro over a conventional camera-based head tracking solution?

EDTracker Pro offers fast, low-latency head tracking that is unaffected by ambient light (e.g. sunlight). EDTracker Pro places no additional load on your CPU (no drop in FPS). And of course, the device is relatively compact on your headset, robust against knocks and needs no webcam.

Q: What different EDTracker models are available?

Initially the EDTracker project started off with just a home-made version using Arduino-compatible components that customers had to make for themselves. We offered to make these on a voluntary basis for people who did not have the facilities. The concept is open sourced and the code is available online. This version of EDTracker is referred to as "DIY EDTracker" and is covered entirely under a separate website, www.edtracker.org.uk. It offers great value MEMS-based head tracking for those willing to tinker and make it themselves. We no longer supply pre-made DIY EDTrackers.

EDTracker Pro is our offering for people who don't want to build it themselves, but instead want a product "ready to go". It is custom designed by us and backed by a 12 month warranty.

Q: What is 3DOF versus 6DOF?

3DOF (Degrees of Freedom) is enough to track the direction you are looking in, i.e. yaw, pitch plus head roll. 6DOF introduces lateral and vertical motion e.g. sideways "sliding" of your head

Q: Does EDTracker provide 6DOF?

No; EDTracker Pro is a 3DOF device. However there are ways to use 3rd party software to provide pseudo-6DOF where players desire it.

Q: Other products claim they are compatible with more games. Is that true?

No. Excluding TrackIR, other products rely on 3rd party software such as Opentrack and Freetrack to mimic TrackIR compatibility. EDTracker works with these 3rd party products as well, so it will support exactly the same games. In fact, being pedantic about it, for games without TrackIR support but joystick support only, EDTracker works fine without any additional software!

Q: Other products claim they don't require any technical flashing or installing?

EDTracker comes pre-flashed and ready to go so it does not require you to do any technical flashing except if you ever wish to receive a software update in the future - and the flashing process is incredibly easy with our software. In terms of installing, the software is no more complex to install than any other product on the market, all of which require some software installing in order to make them work. So, again, this is not entirely true.

Q: Other products claim they are cheaper.

When drawing a comparison in price, make sure you are including any additional items such as cameras that other systems may require.

Q: Does EDTracker work on a Mac?

While EDTracker Pro technically works on Mac, the configuration software is currently only available and supported on Windows.

Q: What else do I need in order to use EDTracker?

A free application is available from our website that allows users to calibrate and configure their EDTracker. No other hardware is required. For games that support EDTracker directly no other software is needed. Games which are limited to proprietary head tracking may require using additional 3rd party software, such as OpenTrack.

Q: How do I attach EDTracker to my headset?

There's no single way to do it, although it should be attached firmly - any undesired movement of the device should be avoided. Our personal preference is a good old elastic band, but people have also used cable (zip) ties, loom bands, sticky pads and velcro strips to good effect. As long as it's flat and firmly attached, it doesn't matter.

Q: Which way should it face?

If the firmware in your device is v1.0, then the screws of the device should face UP.
If the firmware in your device is v1.3 or greater, the screws of the device should face DOWN.

Q: How do I know what firmware version my device has?

It's displayed in the EDTracker GUI, just below the rotating head graphic.

Q: How do I update (flash) my EDTracker Pro?
  1. Connect your device and start the EDTracker Pro software
  2. Put the software into DEV mode by choose "Mode -> Dev" under the About menu
  3. On the right-hand side, you will see a drop-down box to choose an available firmware. Select the desired firmware version and click the Flash button
  4. Wait for the device to be flashed - do not unplug your device during this period
  5. When flashing has completed, you can (if you wish) put the software back into USER mode (About -> Mode -> User)
Q: I've heard EDTracker drifts - what's that about?

EDTracker Pro has a built in magnetometer which is used to remove the drift seen in older, gyroscope based trackers. Users are guided through a one-off calibration process by the EDTracker software.

Q: Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the world.

Q: Will it fit through my letter box?

If you're just ordering one or two then yes, the packages are small enough to post through a letterbox. Only large volume orders may have a problem.

Q: Does the device come with a warranty?

Yes. EDTracker Pro has been designed from the ground up to be hugely robust and reliable device and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Q: How do I develop my game to be EDTracker-compatible?

EDTracker Pro appears to the PC as a three axis joystick. Developers simply need to support binding these axis to the game’s head-look controls. No daft proprietary API, no libraries or special drivers are needed. Note that the axis values are high resolution (16bit).