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EDTracker Pro Software (v2.0.2.5)

Microsoft Windows (Vista/7/8/10), requires .NET 4.0 or greater. Please ignore any warnings about invalid or expired certificates when launching the application - Microsoft aren't maintaining their installer tool and the certificates have expired in it. It's a known problem and not much we can do about it.

The EDTracker Pro software consists of a GUI application that is used to

  • Calibrate your device and set your preferences
  • Flash your device with future software updates

Change History

10/07/2016 V2.0.2.5 - Updated for Rev2 hardware. Log output feature. Tidied interface and minor bug fixes. Now a proper Windows installer.
21/12/2015 V2.0.1 - Fix UI window size issues (DPI scaling)

EDTracker Pro User Guide (PDF)

Detailed user guide detailing steps to connect your device, mount it correctly, then do the initial calibration and configuration necessary before using it. Please note this guide is specific to EDTracker Pro devices and does NOT apply to home-made/DIY versions.