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EDTracker DIY PCB & Enclosure

Product Code: EDTPCB003E
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Dimensions: 37.00mm x 29.50mm x 1.60mm

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This is our latest Revision 3 PCB which allows you to simplify your build of a DIY EDTracker - you take a SparkFun Pro Micro (or clone), an Invensense MPU development board (MPU-6050, MPU-9150 or MPU-9250) and a 6mm tactile button, and solder them into it following the instructions on the website - and presto, an EDTracker! The plastic enclosure is provided brand new and unaltered - some drilling/cutting will be required in order to fit your EDTracker inside. Please note this is NOT a full kit of parts to build a DIY EDTracker; Hobby Components do a great kit with all the electronic components you need to build into the PCB, if you need it.

Made in the UK by Zot (www.zot.co.uk).

  • 10-pin MPU header so can now accept the larger MPU-9250 dev boards without any modification
  • Backwardly compatible with 8-pin MPU6050/9150 boards - just leave the 2 extra pins unused
  • Allows you to still use a button with MPU-9250
  • Provision for components to make a 5v power supply take-off for driving infra-red LED point tracking solution. Make a hybrid tracker, with MEMS gyro *and* traditional point tracking - get the benefits of the fast MEMS approach with the 6DOF of point tracking!

Please note the items below are NOT included; you will need to source them yourself :

  • SparkFun Pro Micro (16MHz) Arduino clone or compatible
  • Invensense MPU-6050/9150/9250 breakout board
  • Optionally, a 6x6 tactile button
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • File, drill or dremel to cut a hole in the enclosure


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