EDTracker grew from a community-driven project to create a cheap, home-built head tracker from solid-state MEMS technology and Arduino-style hardware. As part of the Elite Dangerous community forum, several people collaborated to create what was affectionately known as the "DIY Head Tracker for a Tenner". The subsequent forum threads became several hundreds of posts long, and EDTracker was born!

We still embrace the DIY route to this day. Thousands of gamers around the world have successfully built their own EDTracker using the basic design and open-source firmware that we developed and make available to everyone as part of the EDTracker project. To distinguish the DIY version from the Pro, we keep all of the DIY-related aspects on a separate website :-



DIY EDTracker can provide a nice introduction into embedded programming and design


Building your own EDTracker can be a rewarding experience


DIY EDTrackers can be built for as little as £10